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Windsor Road - Hailsham

One hundred years of history
1902 to 2002



The History of Windsor Road.

The archives of East Sussex Auction Mart show that many plots of land were offered for development in the years 1875 to 1900. Knights nurseries worked with about fifteen acres of various parcels of land in 1870. William Knight is recorded in the Kelly’s Directory of 1887 as a nurseryman and florist. Salzman (1901) mentions Windsor Road, ' on what was Knights nursery, smaller houses are springing up in rows.' There is an entry in my land registry document for my house which shows that William Knight sold the plot of land for premises to be built on, to Frederick William Harding on the third of January 1902. It is stipulated that 'only one house should without the consent of the vendor be placed on each of the said plots and no single house should be of less value than £200.'

These houses in Windsor Road were regarded as being for the 'upper working class' and this was reflected in the fashion of the well to do for the period with their front parlour and bay windows. There was also a recessed front door to form a porch that led into a small entrance hall, while the upstairs bedrooms had plain sash windows and stone sills. There would have been an outside lavatory next to the scullery, with a cold water tap to the sink and a built in copper with fireplace beneath for washing clothes. A kitchen range would have been in the living room, which would have provided heating to the house as well. Each room had a fireplace, including the bedrooms, most of which are still there today. There would have been a small front garden and a good sized back garden for growing vegetables.


Local V.E. Celebrations:

Forty two children living in Windsor and Gordon Roads were treated to a tea organised by Mrs J. Deacon (number 19 Windsor Road, now number 4) Mrs F. Hunnisett (number 2 Windsor Road, now number 36) and Mrs S.Vine. (number 7 Windsor Road, now number 26) The event was held in the church room, Victoria Road. After tea the children rode in a wagon drawn behind Mr S. Vine’s trailer to a field in Ersham road, where they had sports. Parents also took part and it is recorded that in the tug of war Gordon road ladies pulled over the Windsor road ladies, but the score was evened in the men’s contest. Before leaving, each child was given a shilling. (Sussex Express 25th May 1945)