'My mum used to say 'Ron you haven’t brought those things home have you?' That was when I used to go across London, we used to have two hand grenades, rifle was fully loaded and ammunition. I’d say there’s no point in me going to war with an empty rifle!' (Tape1, P.29).

The following words are those of Ron Chiverton (76) a man who once experienced the true horrors of the Second World War and the capabilities of the human race when in 1945 at the age of 19 he entered Bergen-Belson Concentration Camp, as a British soldier serving with the War Crimes Group North West Germany.

Prior to Ron's service within War Crimes, he spent three years training with the Air Training Corps in Surbiton (England), before joining the Royal Army Service Corps in August 1944 at the age of 17.

This website is the result of oral history interviews I conducted with Ron at his home in 2002/3 and is dedicated to the lives of those lost in active service during the Second World War.

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Bad Harzburg, Germany