Aston Pigott Farm

Janet Roberts, aged 8Aston Pigott Scrapbook is a collection of the childhood memories of my mother, Janet Gill, (née Roberts). When I was a child I couldn't believe that she - my mum, nurse, health visitor, city dweller - had spent the whole of her childhood living on a farm. A farm, moreover, with the earthy name of Aston Pigott Farm. I was intrigued that she and her family had lived within the daily and seasonal routine imposed by the farm. Brought up on a diet of World War Two films, I was frankly disbelieving that the Roberts family had shared their home with prisoners of war from Germany and Italy.

As an adult, I know and understand much more about her childhood, but I am still fascinated by a life that is very different to mine or that of my children.

This scrapbook brings together some of her stories: incomplete, faded by the passage of time, interlinked and embroidered with family memory, but, above all, fascinating.

Click here to listen to Janet Gill talking about growing up in the country.


Ruth Roberts with baby Judy and Janet
Cows at Aston Pigott Farm, 1951