Together again after 35 years!

Have you ever wondered what happened to those wonderful friends you made at School?

Do you remember how inseparable you were?

Have you ever thought that you would like to meet up again for old times sake, to share reminiscences, to catch up on life?

If your answer is "Yes", you will enjoy this story of friendship rediscovered.

This is the account of four friends whose lives took different pathways. Mary, Pat, Ros and Sheila originally met in the 1960's at St. Andrew's Convent in Ashtead, Surrey. They recently met up again - the first time all four have been together for 35 years. Each person has been asked to contribute "in their own words" a brief synopsis of their lives since the 1960's. These are set out on their own individual pages with accompanying photographs, denoting significant people and/or events in their lives.

Although this is an account of the four friends, Mary, Pat, Ros and Sheila, it is a story that could apply to thousands of people.

I am Pat, one of the four, and this web site is part my project in the Making Multimedia Life Histories course.

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