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Getting the idea

'Piers and Pebbles' was organised by the Brighton and Hove Museum Reminiscence Service, with SRB funding. The Museum wanted to provide the opportunity for a group of older people and a class of children to meet together, so they could learn from each other and encourage communication and mutual understanding.

Finding the older people

The Museum began by contacting the Brunswick Older People's Project (BOPP), which works towards providing older people in the Brunswick area of Hove with social and educational opportunities. Eight older people from BOPP decided to take part, ages ranging from early 60s to early 90s.

Finding a school

The Museum then approached the junior school that was closest to BOPP - Somerhill Junior School. The school was immediately enthusiatic about the idea and suggested a class of 8-9 year olds to work with.

Preparing the older people

Workers from the Reminiscence Service ran four preparatory meetings at the museum for the older people - so they could get more confidence in sharing memories, get to know each other and voice any concerns about meeting the children.
Preparing the children

In school, the children prepared for meeting the older people by preparing questions, working on their listening skills and brainstorming their preconceptions of old age. In one exercise in particular the children brought in a photo of their special person and then wrote about why that person was important...... read excerpts
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