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These reports on aspects of local culture were produced by the first group of 'Make Multimedia History' contributors, who in 1997-98 created pages about cultural topics of their choice. The 'Make Multimedia History' course was launched at the Centre for Continuing Education, University of Sussex in October, 1997.
The Finnish Connection
During the first course, we held several E-mail conferences with a group of multimedia students in Joensuu, Finland. Find out what we had to say to each other here!
From the beginning, the Make Multimedia History project was supported by Pavilion Internet, which provided free web space, the British Council, which funded our links with Finland, Desktop Display, a local multimedia company which helped with graphics and tutoring, and Jessops, which gave us subsidised film. We also owed a debt to our own Computing Service at the University of Sussex!

COULDN'T STAY AWAY! Studied in Brighton, and came back for more. Find out why!

LIFE IN THE FAST LANE, or life in the cycle lane? Why I chose Brighton.

EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE. Too many cars. What's good about Brighton? Ask me.

NO-ONE GROWS UP HERE and I fell in love. Find out more.

BRIGHTON BORN. I love art and struggle with technology. See my first efforts here.

A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE! I came as an au pair and got married. What do I think of this town? I'll tell you.

BRIGHTON IS a mini metropolis by the sea. Complete with commuting. Find out more.

WHAT'S THE CONNECTION between Hull, rainforests, Mexico, Brighton and teaching? Me.

A FEELING OF FREEDOM and a lack of planning. What do I mean?

SUN, SEA, SEAGULLS but no football ground. My view of Brighton.

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