Margaret Mckay as a baby with her mother and grandmother

"Canadian Roots" is a website designed to explore my parents' memories of their childhood in Canada, the Ontario of the 1940s and 50s. As part of an oral history project I have interviewed my parents, Jim and Janet Sturgis. I have also used an interview my Father did with my Grandfather, Harold Sturgis in 1994 as well as other family photographs, documents and letters.

During these interviews I talked to my parents about their upbringing and family background. What was it like for Jim, my father, who subsequently became a wine lover, growing up in a "dry" province? What about my non-religious mother growing up as the daugher of a prominent Presybyterian Minister? I wanted to discover more about the family's "Canadian roots" and about the culture and values they inherited from their parents and grandparents.

I was also interested to find out what had motivated them to leave behind their home in Canada and to come and live in England, reversing the steps of their ancestors who were originaly from Europe. As I interviewed my parents, I became aware of their own sense of their family roots, in particular, my mother's Presbyterian roots in Scotland.

This website is designed as a collage of images and records some of the stories my parents have told me which have brought their past in Canada to life.

Ida May Sturgis (ne Meisner), Harold's mother

Hugh Davidson with sister Esther and brother Malcom .Margaret and Janet Davidson Jim Sturgis, age 9 baby Jenny Sturgis, with mother Janet, grandmother Margaret and great grandmother "mame" Mckay