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About Bob Rust
Bob Rust at Sussex UniversityI  am sixty-six and feel about eighteen.  As I am now a widower what I need is a nubile eighteen year old female to move in with me to complete the illusion.

I was born into the road haulage industry and spent forty-two years driving lorries, which nowadays are called Large Goods Vehicles.  Being a lorry driver permits a glimpse into the world of many different people.

You always arrive at the back door of the industry where things really happen and you see life as it is.  You meet people in their own working  environment, something of which many are very proud and wish to share with an interested visitor.

People have always interested me.  An interest which stemmed from my early days as a household furniture remover.  There can't be anything more personal than packing up someone's home to move it. 

This interest in people and their fortunes led me into over thirty years as an active Trade Unionist, twenty five of them as a branch secretary.

When in 1981, I saw the open letter from David Pocock in the press inviting people to contribute to the Mass-Observation Archive on the subject of inflation, I thought I would give it a go.  When I saw more of the details of the archive, it made me even more eager to contribute.  Something which I hope to carry on doing so long as I can continue to form a coherent opinion and my word processor fingers hold out.

Written by Bob Rust in April 2000
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