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About this site
Aims and perceptions of audience
The aim of this website is to provide an introduction to the Mass-Observation Project and to explore some of the themes connected to writing for the archive from the perspective of one of its correspondents.

I hope this site will be of interest to anyone who would like to start thinking about some of the issues that writing for the Mass-Observation Project raises.  But of course, I also hope it will be interesting to anybody who is curious about issues connected to writing in general.

This site has been created using information from three main sources:

Interview with Bob Rust by Anna Green at the Mass-Observation Archive, 11.2.2000
The interview was around 50 minutes long, covering a range of different topics relating to Bob's Mass Observation Project writing.  The interview tape and transcript are available for consultation at the Mass-Observation Archive on request. Please read essay on editorial decisions below.

The Mass-Observation Archive
Details about the Mass-Observation Archive and the Mass-Observation Project have been gathered from information sheets, booklets and other resources held at the M-OA. 

Information provided by Bob Rust specifically for this site
Information on the "About Bob Rust" page was provided by Bob specifically for this project.

Editorial decisions
My essay entitled "From Interview to Soundbite: Editing Audio for the Web" provides insight into my editorial policies in relation to the use of sound on this website
The importance of anonymity within the Mass-Observation project
The Mass-Observation Archive operates a very strict anonymity policy in relation to the Mass-Observation Project.  Every effort is made to ensure that the identities of the participating correspondents are kept confidential.  This is so that correspondents are free to write openly and honestly without feeling that they are identifiable.  The success of the project is directly related to the good relationship the archive has managed to build with its volunteer writers.  The correspondents can only feel secure if they can trust the archive to maintain its policies.

However, correspondents are of course free to "come out" as Mass-Observers if they feel comfortable with doing so.  Bob Rust is one such correspondent who has given his full permission to be named on this website as a Mass-Observation Project writer. 

Permission to use parts of his directive responses and personal correspondence with the archive has been given by the Mass-Observation Archive trustees.

It is important to stress that any researcher hoping to use Mass-Observation material or indeed interview a Mass-Observation correspondent can only do so at the discretion of the archive trustees, following the strict procedures set out in the Mass-Observation Archive's "Conditions of Access".

Anna Green, July 2000
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