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Connections with other forms of writing found in everyday life
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" I've done other writing, articles for the trade paper when  I was very closely involved with the motor transport, and of course I was a trade union branch secretary for 25 years, so I did a lot of letter writing, filling in forms, information for solicitors, barristers - do you know I generally quite like writing! Letter writing is one of my things, I have three friends who I see once a year.  One lives right over on the extreme west coast of Wales - you can't get any further west, and we have conversational correspondence - write in the way that lorry drivers talk, that you leave of the sentence and then the next time you see them you pick up the sentence from where you left off.  That is one of my things - letter writing.  I'll write if the fancy takes me, I think 'oh so and so will be interested in that' so I'll write them a letter.  Might not get a reply for a couple of months but then I'll have written and then occasionally they'll write a letter in the same vein.  They say "I wanted to write, so I've written you this, but answer it when you get a chance"."
(Interview with Anna Green 11.02.00)
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"My Mass-Observation writing probably differs very little from my letter writing.  Usually when I write - I write with a subject in mind perhaps to answer a previous letter or something that I've come across that I think my friends may be interested in.  So when I pick up the Mass-Observation directive and look at that I tend to answer that in the same way.  Yes, I think I've very largely looked on Mass-Observation writing as correspondence right from the very beginning." 
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