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Exploring Bob's writing: Authorship
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"I don't think my work is under joint authorship.  I write it and I decide what goes on the paper.  I might accept a bit of guidance - obviously the main topic, but I only ever use a directive as guidance.  Anybody who reads my work and reads my directives would realise that.  I have complete control over what is written because it is my decision, it is often my unconscious decision, as to what I include and what I don't.  Perhaps a small item that gets an odd comment in the directive which to me is quite a major point which will get far more attention than whoever wrote the directive thinks it needed.  I write in my own way, starting at the beginning and going through to the end and hoping that I've picked up on all the salient points as I go along.  I often think that prompts are just prompts and if I don't think they have got much relevance they don't get much attention in the course of the writing. "
(Interview with Anna Green 11.02.00)
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